About me—an architect and filmmaker who loves spaces, movies, books and the web, designs wonderland libraries and urban museums, writes movies, films them and works everywhere, also in California. Now I’m based in Norway, but grew up in Denmark and England.

A new site with pictures is coming early 2019, but for now I’ll give you a little overview of what I’m up to.

Current Engagements

  • Undisclosed title. Prepping recording of a hybrid feature film/theatre play, which will be recorded fall/winter 2019.
  • Darkness. Prepping shoot of a documentary in Chile, for fall 2019.
  • Halden Canal Museum. New exterior exhibition pavilion and landscaping for Østfoldmuseene.
  • Falstad Officer’s Home—An Exhibition of Power. Currently designing and detailing a new permanent exhibition at Falstad in Northern Norway—a large scale human rights exhibition.
  • Phonotope. Digital and hands-on production design for an orchestral performance written by Rolf Wallin. Currently prepping exhibition and production to stage it at the Opera House in Oslo.
  • Telthuset. Exterior development of the building owned by Hadeland Folkemuseum.
  • Oslo House of Photography. A competition to design a new photography exhibition and workshop building on Sukkerbiten by the opera.

Recently Completed

  • Amerikalinjen. Designing and producing furniture for a luxury boutique hotel in the centre of Oslo.
  • Lørenskog Bygdemuseum. Interior exhibition development and planning.
  • Courted. Production designer on the BAFTA qualifying short film written and directed by Andres Heger-Bratterud. Also nominated for Best British Short 2018 at the Iris Prize Festival, UK.
  • Felt Room/Lineage. Choreographed film production performed by Body Cartography and recorded at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. A part of the research going into the Phonotope project.
  • Stovner Library. Project architect and consultant on the development of the new library transformation in Oslo.
  • Teknisk Museum. Project architect and consultant on the development of the new foyer.
  • Grünerlökka Library. Project architect and consultant on the development of the 2018 upper floor interior.